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product image Overview is a platform which offer to different users and organizations the ability to create, manage and publish their own spatial data and show them in Map Environment. Users will have their own environment where they can manage personal spatial data. They will have the possibility to publish and share these spatial data sets as services which can be used in different map applications. For each created data set they will have the ability to create a customizable Map Environment and have the possibility to share these Maps online for their own personal use.

Main Features

Some features of our platform

Personal workspace gives the possibility to have a personal map environment for managing your spatial data. The platform gives the possibility of multi-user management.

Multi spatial layers

Spatial information is organized in Geographic Layers. All the layers have visibility control (On/Off). The user can change the transparency of the layers.

Layer classification

Layers can have more than one classification in categories (multi-classification),they be applied by user choice based on layer styles.

Print Capabilities feature a printing tool which give the users the possibility to print maps using different templates by showing coordinates, legend, scale , etc.

Editing capabilities offers the possibility to draw objects and edit objects for the selected editable layers. It gives the possibility to register spatial objects in the database and to attach different files to these spatial objects.

Search and Query Function provide functionality for selecting geographical objects manually in the map with several methods and will provide query functions both attribute and spatial for each selected layer.

Publish GIS services offers the npossibility to publish your spatial data as standardised Web Services (WMS, WFS) which can be used by third-party applications (web or desktop).

Export data gives the possibility to download your data in different spatial formats and coordinate system. Every personal layer can be exported in the specified spatial format by the user.

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GIS was never so Easy & Interactive.